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Angsana Gallery

The Angsana gallery offers a variety of beautiful gift items. A wide range of products such as an essential oil that includes botanical, fruit and massage oil are available for purchase. Incense sticks and oil burners, inscribed with the Angsana Spa logo, along with our original CD make a wonderful present. Shipping is also available.

Feel the Angsana Spa experience in your own home with relaxing music and the intoxicating fragrance of essential oil.


  • Incense cones JPY 900
  • Incense sticks JPY 1,200


  • Sleep enhancers JPY 1,650
  • Fragrant spray (jasmine & frangipani)
    JPY 1,650
  • Essential oil JPY 1,750
  • Massage oil JPY 3,200

Receive a 20 % off when you purchase incense sticks and fragrant spray (jasmine & frangipani) as a set.

Fri., Sep. 1st - Thu., Nov. 30th
Regular price JPY 2,850 → JPY 2,280

Products that enhance slumber

  • Original CDs (set of three) JPY 9,000
  • Mini Oil Burner JPY 1,500
  • Medium-size Oil Burner JPY 3,000
  • Pouch JPY 1,250 / each