“Osechi” Cuisine

Do you believe all “Osechi” meals look alike?

Celebrate the New Year at the ANA Crowne Plaza Kobe. Our exceptional chefs strive to create the most exquisite cuisine.

Reservations for Osechi begin Mon., Oct. 2nd *Limited servings

Order Reservations Mon., Oct. 2nd – Mon., Dec. 25, 2017
*Limited amount of servings
How to order At the hotel, Phone, Fax, Online Shopping
Payment At the hotel
Please pay by cash or credit card at the desk located on the 9th floor.

FAX or phone
Please transfer your payment to the bank account listed below, within one week after your order has been placed.

Sumitomo Mitsui Bank (SMBC) Kobe eigyobu
Futsu: 9135406
Account holder: Kabushikikaisha Shin Kobe Holding

Pick up date Sun., Dec. 31st, 2017 10:00am – 7:00pm
Please pick up your ordrer at the desk located on the 9th floor

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Reservations and Inquiries Crowne Event Team
Toll free: 0120-75-4160 / Fax 078-291-8343

Japanese・Western・Chinese : Three-layered box (serves 3-4)
(limited to 100 boxes)
JPY 29,700 (includes tax)

Celebrate the New Year with your family over a delicious meal. Experience an array of Japanese, Western and Chinese flavors found in our 3 tiered Osechi box.

<Allergy Warning>
■Flour ■Egg ■Dairy □Nuts ■Shrimp ■Crab □Buckwheat

【Japanese layer】 egg roll with herring / sweet omelet roll / cooked salted cod roe / lotus buds marinated in ume vinegr / yomogi (mugwort) sasamaki / sea bream sushi wrapped in a gold foil paper / rolled yuba (tofu skin) / ogawa maki (salmon wrapped in squid paste) /grilled domestic prawn / rolled conger eel with burdock / skewed mochi / rolled shrimp / rolled spinach / cooked octopus / dried sardine roasted with soy sauce and wrapped in Japanese paper / cooked black beans, decorated with lily bulb / chestnut compote / flavored herring roe / matsumaezuke (marinated herring roe) / grilled yellowtail with sweet soy sauce / sweetfish wrapped with kombu seaweed / marinated carrot and daikon radish with hint of hyuuganatsu citrus / soy sauce flavored salmon egg

【Western layer】 Rose-shaped salmon / salad with edamame and fish roe / shrimp salad / pie-wrapped snow crab / white pastrami / bacon cheese dog / green olives / black olives / broccoli with basil / smoked duck / fruit skewers / roast pork / duck foie gras mousse / terrine made with trout salmon and spinach / blue marlin with sweet chili sauce / octopus with basil sauce

【Chinese layer】 chinese style wakame seaweed with edamame / cooked abalone / sweet chili shrimp / edamame / cooked naruto sweet potato with black sesame / honey walnuts / meatballs / rolled persimmon / egg wrapped salmon trout and asparagus / salted rice malt marinated miyazaki chicken / spicy pickled cucumber / jellyfish / broad beans / snow crab flavored with yuzu citrus / cooked lotus root / slow-cooked pork / chinese-style grilled scallops

Japanese・Western・Chinese : Collaboration with “Kobe Tankuma Kitamise” (serves 3-4)
(limited to 50 boxes)
JPY 36,720 (includes tax)

We have collaborated with a historically, famous restaurant in Kyoto, “Tankuma Kitamise”. Known for their exceptional cuisine, we have joined culinary minds to create an incredible Osechi meal.

<Allergy Warning>
■Flour ■Egg ■Dairy □Nuts ■Shrimp ■Crab □Buckwheat

【Japanese layer】 sweet omelet roll / glazed green peach / flavored herring roe / matsumaezuke (marinated herring roe) with kombu seaweed / salted rice malt marinated miyazaki chicken / tenderly cooked small octopus / glazed black beans, decorated with lily bulb / glazed chestnut with “寿” stamped symbol / glazed sweetfish with eggs / salmon eggs / cooked turtle-shaped bamboo shoot / cooked plum-flower-shaped carrot / cooked handball-shaped yuba (tofu skin) / egg shinjo (dumpling) / pounded burdock in sesame and vinegar / marinated carrot and daikon / vinegar marinaded mackerel / grilled, wrapped eel and burdock / grilled lobster / grilled yellowtail flavored with sweet soy sauce / slow-cooked abalone / miso marinaded black cod / grilled sea bream / dried sardine roasted with soy sauce and wrapped in Japanese paper

【Western layer】 Country pie / roast pork / apricots / marinated seafood mix / dried sweetened tomato / marinated onion / rose-shaped salmon / red snow crab charlotte / broad beans / blue marlin with honey mustard / roast beef / cranberry pork / apple and purple yam wrapped in a pie / smoked shrimp / black olives / green olives / duck with orange sauce

【Chinese layer】 snow crab claws / caramelized cashews / fish roe flavored with mentai (spicy cod roe) / grilled scallops / sweet chili prawns / herring eggs on kelp flavored with shaoxing rice wine / shaoxing rice wine marinaded kumquat (small orange) / peach-shaped mochi / slow-cooked orange flavored pork belly / shark cartilage with ume paste (salted plum) / chinese style wakame seaweed with edamame / jelly fish

Western One-layer box (serves 2-3)
(limited to 80 boxes)
JPY 15,120 (includes tax)

Sample a beautiful variety of Western cuisine fare. Our two tiered “Osechi” box is best enjoyed with a glass of wine.

<Allergy Warning>
■Flour ■Egg ■Dairy □Nuts ■Shrimp ■Crab □Buckwheat

marinated white fish / country pie / broad beans / herb-grilled salmon trout / duck pastrami / black beans cooked in wine / grilled chicken with cheese / custard mochi wrapped in aurora colored paper / chocolate terrine, decorated with a gold leaf / prawns / broccoli with basil / asparagus wrapped with meat / chestnut paste / roasted chestnut in brandy / terrine made with red snow crab meat and pumpkin / caviar / green peach compote / duck and chicken terrine / porpettini / marinated seafood mix / sweet omelet roll with cheese / chicken galantine / stewed pork belly / salad with edamame and fish roe / black olives

Western Two-layered box (2 x one meal) (serves 2)
(limited to 80 boxes)
JPY 12,420 (includes tax)

Suitable for a couple or guest, the Western two layered box offers identical layers.

<Allergy Warning>
■Flour ■Egg ■Dairy □Nuts ■Shrimp ■Crab □Buckwheat

salmon and scallop terrine / crab meat and pumpkin terrine / veal terrine / green peach compote / herb-grilled sea bream / sweet potato and kumquat (small orange) wrapped in a pie / marinated octopus from setouchi / custard mochi wrapped in aurora colored paper / maple glazed walnuts / apricots / mustard mayonnaise marinated fish roe / ham / salami wrapped in bacon / sweet omelet roll with cheese / oil marinaded salmon / grilled squid / roast pork / smoked duck / broccoli with basil / grilled scallop / prawns / prosciutto and cheese on pine needles / broad beans / black beans cooked in wine, decorated with a gold leaf

*Both layers are identical.

*The pictures shown are images.
*Menu items may change without prior notice.
*If you have food allergies, please advise us in advance.