Event Timelines


  • We will explain and explain the terms and conditions of your event.
  • Your event director will design a time-line for your occasion.
    (Please check all the details concerning your event.)

A month before your event

  • Please make your invitations. (If you would like us to make the invitations, please ask us three months prior to the event day.)
  • Ask us to help plan attractions, entertainment and other details of the event.
  • Inquiries for post party gatherings.
  • Let us know if you have any questions.

Your first meeting with a CED (two weeks to one month prior to your event)

(It's possible to have the first meeting prior to this timeline.)

We usually conduct meetings at our hotel. However, we can also travel to accommodate your needs.

  • We confirm menus, drinks, other necessary equipment for the event.
  • We confirm the number of guests.
  • We check the flow of the event.
  • We confirm all attractions and entertainment booked for your event.
  • We will inquire and confirm any additional services you may need the hotel to provide to ensure a successful event.
  • We plan table layouts.
  • We confirm your form of payment.

We will recalculate a quote at the event.

Your second meeting (Approximately a week prior)

(Can be conducted over the phone for your convenience.)

  • We will check the name of your guests.
  • We will confirm the number of guests.
  • We will confirm changes.
  • We will create a flow chart of the event to assure your event runs smoothly.
  • Please let us know if you need to send materials or equipment prior to the event.
  • We will confirm the time of your arrival on the day of the event.

We will recalculate a quote at the meeting.

All timelines are general.
Meeting times may vary based on the specific needs of your party.

7 days prior to your event

  • We will finalize the signboard design and all printing materials.

5 days prior to your event

  • We will finalize gift(s) for the guests.

Two days prior to your event

  • Confirmation of food and drink orders.

After confirmation, changes to the above stated results in a 100% cancellation fee.