Memorial Gathering

Please allow us to help plan a gathering to memorialize and remember a loved one.
Our hospitality is full of heartfelt intentions.

Place Banquet rooms (9F, 10F)
Dining Prices JPY 10,000 “Ajisai” : Western buffet, Chinese, Japanese fusion (presented in a bento box)
JPY 12,000 “Nojigiku”: Western seated buffet (large plates for sharing), Chinese, Japanese fusion (mini-kaiseki)
JPY 15,000 “Shirayuri” : French course meal, Japanese fusion
“All you can drink”
Beer, Soft drinks, Whiskey, Shochu (distilled spirit, potato / wheat), Wine (red / white)

*Western Buffet is available from 20 people, other courses from 10 people.
*The packages include room fee (2 hours), microphones (2), stage, BGM, service charge and sales tax.

*Menu items may change without prior notice.
*If you have food allergies, please advise us in advance.
*The pictures shown are images.


*A course meal for the deceased or meals for children are also available.
*Please refrain from burning incense sticks at the venue.
*We can make arrangements to provide return gifts for condolence gifts.
*Please consult with us if you plan to arrange a company sponsored funeral or a farewell gathering for the deceased.