OTHEROther Questions

Q1 Do you rent wheelchairs?

  • A.We have a limited amount of wheelchairs that can be used only in the hotel. Please request a wheelchair when you make your reservation.

Q2 Is there a handicap accessible restroom?

  • A.We have a handicap accessible restroom on the 4F located on the south side of the main lobby.

Q3 Is there a handicap parking place?

  • A.There is a handicap parking space on the 5F of the parking garage. We do not accept requests to hold this spot.

Q4 Do you rent strollers?

  • A.We do not have strollers.

Q5 How can I send a fax to a guest?

  • A.Please send your fax to +81 78 291 1154. We ask that the name of the guest and the date(s) of stay be written on the fax.

Q6 Is it possible to ship something from the hotel? What delivery company does the hotel use ?

  • A.The "Bell Desk" on the 4F can take care of your shipping requests. We use Yamato Transport Co., Ltd.

Q7 Where can I purchase stamps?

  • A."The Lobby Shop" (hours: 9:00am-7:00pm) and the front desk, both located on the 4F, sell stamps.

Q8 Will the hotel and restaurants accept a guest with a guide or service dog?

  • A.Yes.

Q9 Hotel parking information

Q10 Is it possible to bring a pet(s) ?

  • A.We do not allow pets. However, we can make an arrangement to board your pet(s) at a nearby hotel. Please let us know when you make your room reservation.