Sleep Advantage

That's why we have developed the ANA Crowne Plaza Sleep Advantage program. We recognize the importance of getting a good night's sleep when you travel.

Sleep Advantage Programme The Was Created By Mr. Iwata , A Prominent Sleep Specialist It Focuses On Three Main Points:.. 1. Relaxing A Few Hours Before Sleeping 2. The Transition Time Between Night And Morning 3. Providing A Good Sleeping Environment We Developed We provide a leaflet that concerns you how to achieve a good night's sleep when you are traveling or at home. Our hotel offers various types of pillows, aromatherapy, to ensure a restful night.


Our original amenities to help you relax at night, include -  eye warmer, bath powder, and low-caffeine roasted green tea and mint green tea for the morning.

Eye Warmer Eye warmer with steam about 40℃ will improve blood circulation around your eyes
Bath Powder Our bath powder helps you unwind at the end of the day.
Tea "Low-caffeine roasted green tea for the evening"

This tea offers 1/6 the amount of regular tea Enjoy the aroma of our roasted green tea and organic brown rice. It will help you relax before going to bed.
"Mint green tea for the morning"
This tea is infused with fresh mint from the Hokkaido prefecture. The aroma and taste of mint with a hint of bitterness from the green tea will sharpen your mind in the morning.

Better sleep leaflet We offer a leaflet that provides advice from Mr. Arichika Iwata, a prominent sleep specialist on how to achieve a good night's sleep. Study and practice his sleep methods while you are traveling or at home.

Sleep Advantage Menu

To create the optimal sleep experience we offer three menus to assist you.

Pillow Menu

You can select from five different types of pillows based on material, height, and firmness. We can also offer you a foot pillow.


  1. Tempur® Symphony Pillow XS
  2. Tempur® Symphony Pillow S
    The arched side supports your neck and head. Soft material will assist you with a comfortable night sleep.
  3. Plastic Pipe Filled Pillow (low)
  4. Plastic Pipe Filled Pillow (high)
    Pipes supply firmness to the pillows.
  5. Iwata Camel Pillow
    The Camel pillow actually contains camel fur. This pillow effectively releases moisture between the head and the pillow.

Foot Pillows

  1. Lofty air-ball foot pillow
    Use our lofty air-ball foot pillow to release tension from your legs, it contains approximately about 1,100 balls.

Aroma Menu

We use three high-quality essential oils certified organic aroma oils from ECOCERT, 100% natural pure oil from France. Our original aroma oil diffuser is a handmade artwork of Mr. Hiroyuki Tsuchida, a ceramic artist of traditional Kyoto ceramic dolls. Pour few drops of oil onto the diffuser, enjoy the aroma and relax. Complimentary diffuser is for you to take and enjoy the aroma of essential oils at home.

  • Mandarin
    Fresh citrus aromatherapy will freshen your mind.
  • Lavender
    Lavender is refreshing and relaxing, especially before bed.
  • Cedar Wood
    This oil boasts an exotic sedative effect.

*ECOCERTE:Ecocert is an organic and earth-friendly products' inspection and certification body established in France. Ecocert has become a benchmark in organic certification worldwide.


Humidifiers are available upon request.

About sleep specialist Mr. Arichika Iwata

To develop our sleep advantage program exclusively for Japan, we welcomed Mr. Arichika Iwata, a prominent sleep consultant who has been a member of NPO and enterprise consortium. Mr. Iwata, as a professional on sleeping nature He has published books and developed educational programs for high-quality and comfortable sleeping for people to have a better sleep, which takes 1/3 of people's lifetime. Sleep Advantage which is offered by ANA Crowne Plaza Mr. Iwata for a better sleep of our customers.

* Sleep Advantage program was developed for Crowne Plaza Hotels in North America since 2004. Our Sleep Advantage was established exclusively for Japan.