Our hotel is the recipient of the certified “Mark” awarded by the Kobe Chuo Fire Department.

Beginning August 1st, 2014, the Kobe Fire Department implemented the “Mark” system, awarding hotels and ryokans building certification. This acknowledges that structures have met building construction standards required by the Japanese government.

The ANA Crowne Plaza Kobe received its “Mark” on December 1st, 2014. The system provides information about the fire safety management system.
The Kobe Fire Department has also awarded our hotel, “Superior Fire Safety Management” and “Excellent Disaster Protection Management” in 2012, which is rarely awarded after the department receives a protection management report. All three certifications are displayed on the wall of the front desk.

We continue to strive to follow the rules of the government and its related departments. We ensure that all employees understand fire safety and disaster protection plans so guests feel safe.