“Osechi” Cuisine

Celebrate the New Year at the ANA Crowne Plaza Kobe. Our exceptional chefs strive to create the most exquisite cuisine.

Order Reservations Sep. 17th – Dec. 25th, 2019
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Please pay by cash or credit card at the desk located on the 9th floor.

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Please transfer your payment to the bank account listed below, within one week after your order has been placed.

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Pick up date

Pick up at the hotel:
Dec. 31st 10:00am – 7:00pm
Please pick up your order at the desk located on the 9th floor.

We will schedule to deliver to you on Dec. 31st.

*Delivery fee of JPY 1,300 will apply per osechi box. Boxes can only be delivered to the Kinki region (Kyoto, Osaka, Hyogo, Shiga, Nara, Wakayama) – please inquire if you require a delivery outside these areas.
*We cannot guarantee a fixed delivery time. Delivery schedules may be changed due to traffic, bad weather or other unforeseen issues.

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Reservations and Inquiries Crowne Event Team
Toll free: 0120-75-4160 / Fax 078-291-8343

*Because the number of products are limited, please understand if we cannot supply them when they are sold out.
*If you have food allergies, please advise us in advance.
*After you receive our product, please store as directed, and use it before the expiration date.

Japanese・Western・Chinese : Three-layered box (serves 3-4)
JPY 30,240 (includes tax)

Celebrate the New Year with your family over a delicious meal. Experience an array of Japanese, Western and Chinese flavors found in our 3 tiered Osechi box.

<Allergy Warning>
■Flour ■Egg ■Dairy □Nuts ■Shrimp ■Crab □Buckwheat

Japanese・Western・Chinese : Collaboration with “Kyoto Cuisine TANKUMA KITAMISE” (serves 3-4)
JPY 37,260 (includes tax)

We have collaborated with a historically, famous restaurant in Kyoto, “Kyoto Cuisine TANKUMA KITAMISE”. Known for their exceptional cuisine, we have joined culinary minds to create an incredible Osechi meal.

<Allergy Warning>
■Flour ■Egg ■Dairy □Nuts ■Shrimp ■Crab □Buckwheat

Western One-layer box (serves 2-3)
JPY 16,200 (includes tax)

Sample a beautiful variety of Western cuisine fare. Our western “Osechi” box is best enjoyed with a glass of wine.

<Allergy Warning>
■Flour ■Egg ■Dairy □Nuts ■Shrimp ■Crab □Buckwheat

Western Two-layered box (2 x one meal) (serves 2)
JPY 12,960 (includes tax)

Suitable for a couple or guest, the Western two layered box offers identical layers.

<Allergy Warning>
■Flour ■Egg ■Dairy □Nuts ■Shrimp ■Crab □Buckwheat

*Both layers are identical.

*The pictures shown are images.
*Menu items may change without prior notice.