WEDDINGWedding Questions

Q1 Where can wedding guests send their dresses?

  • A.Dresses will be accepted five days prior to your wedding, and will be stored in our hotel garment room. Please supply your name, the names of the bride and groom when you drop off, or ship your dress to us.
    Please note: Garment packaging will not be opened by the hotel.

Q2 Is there a changing room for guests?

  • A.We have changing rooms for men and women on the 9th floor. The cloakroom will store any excess clothing during the ceremony. Cash, valuable items and food will not be accepted.

Q3 Is there a service that provides Kimono assistance?

Q4 What is the cost for Kimono assistance and a hair stylist?

  • A.Kimono assistance is available for JPY 7,560 for a Tomesode (a kimono for married women) and JPY 10,800 for a Furisode (a kimono for an unmarried women).
    Hair prices start at JPY 4,320.
    All prices include tax.
    * Prices for hair may vary depending on the length and/or style of hair.

Q5 Do you rent formal wear for wedding guests?

  • A.We have rental costumes available at "Dressing room".

Q6 How far in advance do I need to make reservations for wedding guests?

  • A.Reservations are required to be made by the bride or groom. Please make your reservation when you know how many guests will be staying at the hotel. We recommend that you book in advance to avoid dates that may be sold out.

Q7 Do wedding guests receive parking validation?

  • A.Please give your parking ticket to the cloakroom on the 9th floor for a six hour parking validation.(Parking)

    After the 6 hours, the charge will be JPY 300 per 30 minutes until 8:00pm and JPY 100 per hour between 8:00pm - 8:00am.

    The daily parking fee is: JPY 1,600 (weekday) and JPY 2,400 (Saturday, Sunday and holidays).

Q8 Does the hotel offer special equipment for guest entertainment?

  • A.Rentals are available for a Karaoke machine, piano, electronic organ and other musical instruments. With advance notice, the hotel can set up a computer and projector to help you with your entertainment. Please inquire for details.

Q9 Do you have a nursery for wedding guests with small children?