• Facilities


Fitness Center *Closed now.

Guests staying at the hotel are welcome to use our fitness center, "The Shin-Kobe Club."

Enjoy our swimming pool bathed in bright sunshine. Whether you're working out, lounging or just splashing around, our pool and jacuzzi provide a beautiful setting to relax.

Operation hours Gym 24 hours ※1
Swimming pool 7:00am - 9:00pm ※2

Sauna and Bath 11:00am - 10:00pm ※2
(doors close one hour prior to closing time)
In house Guest can use our fitness gym anytime 24 hours a day for free of charge.
※1 No staff is available from 10:00pm until 7:00am. Please use your room key to open the door, and use the facility at your own risk.
Business hours of the desk for rental items, locker rooms and showers are from 7:00am - 9:00pm.
※2 Closed on the 2nd and 4th Monday of every month except Public Holidays.

*Please contact the main Hotel number (+81 78 291 1121) for the specific hours of our fitness center.

Main facilities Swimming Pool/Jacuzzi/Sauna/Shower room/Athletic Gym/Esthetic Salon/Outside running track
Locker fee Sauna and Bath JPY 2,200
Swimming pool JPY 1,100
An extra JPY 550 is collected (when you enter between 7:00am-10:00am)
*Children 4 years and older will be charged.
Sportswear Rental Athletic clothing JPY 880
Athletic shoes JPY 440
Swim suits JPY 880
Goggles JPY 220
*Price is for one, including tax.
Remarks For safety reasons, minors (under 18 years of age) are not permitted in the gymnasium or at the sauna.
Children must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times.
Only bathing suits are considered appropriate wear for the pool.
Entry will be denied to all intoxicated persons as well as to those with tattoos.
At busy times, the number of guests may be limited.
Use at your own risk.

Esthetic Body Care

Business hours: 1:00pm - 9:30pm(L.O. 8:30pm)

Guests staying at our hotel are able to use the Esthetic Body Care Spa, located in the Fitness Center. Please make a reservation prior to your visit.


Body treatment by hands with special clothes on.
Experiencing Asian traditional touches, Visiting calm space inside of you.
*Our 70 and 90 minute acupuncture point massage therapies include the head, neck, calf and foot areas.

  • 30 minutes JPY 4,290
  • 50 minutes JPY 7,150
  • 70 minutes JPY 10,010
  • 90 minutes JPY 12,870
  • JPY 1,430 for every 10 minutes additional treatment


Sensitive but gorgeous oil treatment will happen.
Let us know which parts of your body need special care.
We will respond your body condition.

  • 30 minutes JPY 6,600
  • 60 minutes JPY 13,200
  • 90 minutes JPY 19,800
  • 120 minutes JPY 26,400
  • JPY 2,200 for every 10 minutes additional treatment


Stimulating detox. Whole body or some parts you notice.

  • 60 minutes JPY 15,180
  • 90 minutes JPY 22,770
  • 120 minutes JPY 30,360
  • JPY 2,530 for every 10 minutes additional treatment


‘NON F ENERGY CREAM’ treatment by hands.
This cream have miraculous features that are ionic minerals penetrate into each sells so that fat and cellulite would be resolved, and Nano ingredients raise your metabolism, prevent poor blood circulation.
Your skin would be stimulated and recovered.

  • 60 minutes JPY 17,160
  • 90 minutes JPY 21,560
  • JPY 2,860 for every 10 minutes additional treatment


Aroma oil treatment to face and shoulder and neck by hands.
Then exfoliating and applying a cray pack to your face. Using organic moisturizer, cream including VitaminA.

  • 30 minutes JPY 6,600
  • 60 minutes JPY 12,100
  • JPY 1,980 for every 10 minutes additional treatment


German plant therapy with carbonic acid. We present the beauty cosmetics combined with the special herb of which an active ingredient has been proved chemically.

  • 40 minutes JPY 9,900
  • 70 minutes JPY 16,500
  • 90 minutes JPY 19,800
  • JPY 1,980 for every 10 minutes additional treatment

You may also combine two or more courses such as body and facial treatments.


Business hours : 24 hours / 650 parking spaces available
*Please have your parking ticket validated at one of our hotel businesses.
*Vehicle height limit : 2.1m

Parking fees
30 min (8:00am-8:00pm)
*No charge for the first 30 minutes.
JPY 330
60 min (8:00 pm-8:00am) JPY 110
Daily Parking Fees
Weekdays (until midnight) JPY 1,300
Sat, Sun, holidays (until midnight) JPY 2,500
Validation for parking
Room Guests JPY 1,500 / per night / per vehicle / per room
(Guests at Club Floor will be given one free parking space per room)
Guests for restaurants and shops Spend JPY 2,000 or up - Receive a 1hour validation
Spend JPY 5,000 or up - Receive a 3hour validation
Guests for weddings Families - Receive a 6 hour validation
Guests - Receive a 4 hour validation
Parties and Banquets Receive a 3 hour validation

Green program

Our hotel is an earth friendly hotel. If you would like the linen to be replaced, please place the linen card on your bed. If you do not choose to use your card, beds will be made using the same linen from the previous night. Thank you.