RESTAURANTRestaurant Questions

Q1 Is there a restaurant with a private dining room? Is there an extra charge for private rooms?

  • A.Private dining rooms are offered at "Suzhou", "Kobe Nadaman" (34F), "Tankuma Kitamise" (5F) "The Terrace" and "The Bar" (4F). Some of the restaurants have an extra charge for private rooms. Please inquire.

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Q2 What are your lunch and dinner hours?

  • A.Lunch begins at 11:30am and dinner begins at 5:30pm Japanese restaurant "Kobe Nadaman", Kyoto Cuisine "Tankuma Kitamise" begin dinner at 5:00pm

Q3 Can I order a cake or a flower bouquet for a special occasion?

  • A.Based on your budget, restaurants can take requests for special occasions. Please inquire when you make your reservation.

Q4 Hotel parking information

  • A.We have 650 parking places located on the 5th-8th floors of the hotel building. Each restaurant will validate your ticket based on the price of your check. Please request a validation when you pay your check. Guests who spend JPY 2,000 or more will receive a one hour validation and a check of JPY 5,000 or more will receive a three hour validation. If you come by a chartered bus, you will receive a 3 hour validation by dining at one of the restaurants. The parking fee after 3 hours is JPY 1,000 per hour.

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Q5 Which restaurant has the most beautiful nighttime views of the city?

  • A.Restaurants and bars on the highest floors are; Restaurant & Bar “Level 36” located on the 36th floor, Chinese restaurant “Suzhou” and Japanese cuisine “Kobe Nadaman”, both located on the on 34th floor.
    Dependent on your choice of restaurant, gorgeous views of Kobe or Osaka can be enjoyed.

Q6 Do you serve kids meals? Do you offer a special dish for the”first-bite”(Okuizome) baby ceremony?

  • A.A.Kids meals are available at "Level 36", "Suzhou", "The Terrace".
    Special plates for the baby's "first-bite", or Okuizome ceremony are served at "Kobe Nadaman" and "Tankuma Kitamise". Please ask the restaurant of your choice for details.

Q7 May I dine without a reservation?

  • A.Open seating is on a first come basis. During busy periods, such as weekends and holidays, we strongly recommend a reservation.

Q8 Is there a non-smoking section?

  • A."The Terrace", "The Lounge" (4F), "Kitano" , "Jin" (5F), and "Kobe Nadaman" (34F) are no-smoking restaurants. 
    Non-smoking seats are available at "Suzhou" and "Tankuma Kitamise" (5F).
    Non-smoking seats are available at some of our other restaurants. Please inquire.

Q9 Do you have a restaurant that serves Kobe Beef?

  • A.We serve Kobe beef at teppanyaki "Kitano" (5F).

Q10 Other special restaurant services

  • A.Kids under 5 years can eat for free at the "The Terrace's" lunch or dinner buffet. This restaurant also has a special set price for guests over 65 years.