ROOMHotel Room Questions

Do all rooms offer a view?

  • A.All rooms offer either an east or west view of the city. If you would like further details on different views, please inquire when you make your reservation.

Q2 Is it possible to request a specific floor or view?

  • A.The views vary based on the size of the room. We can't confirm a request for a certain floor however, we can confirm a lower or higher floor when making a reservation.
    * Please understand that certain accommodation plans or room types may not be eligible for special requests. Please inquire when you make your reservation.

Q3 Do you have non-smoking rooms?

  • A.Non-smoking rooms are based on availability so, please indicate your preference when you make a reservation. Our non-smoking rooms Regular floors: 14th - 19th, 24th - 29th floors. Club floors: 31st and 32nd floor.

Q4 Do you have Japanese (tatami) rooms?

  • A.The hotel offers a combination Japanese/Western style rooms. Combination rooms include a western living space and a tatami bedroom.

Q5 Do you have a handicap accessible room?

  • A.The hotel apologizes for the lack of handicap accessible rooms. However, you can request a room that offers some of the features you may find in a typical handicap room.

Q6 Do you provide a list of room amenities?

  • A.Please find a list of our amenities below.
    Regular room amenities include : Shampoo, conditioner, body soap, toothbrush, comb, razor, shower cap and cotton swabs,
    Regular room linens include : pajamas, slippers, 3 different sized towels and a hair dryer.
    Club floor room amenities include :
    Bathroom amenities (shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, bath & shower gel, body lotion, body soap) toothbrush, comb, razor, shower cap and cotton swabs.
    Club floor linens include : Pajamas, slippers, bathrobe, 3 different sized towels and a hair dryer

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Q7 Does the hotel provide a list of additional amenities?

  • A.Please find a list of additional amenities below. Please note that there is a limited amount of amenities offered. Please request any additional items you may need when making your reservation. (You can request an iron and ironing board after your arrival.)

    1) Iron, Ironing board, Go (Japanese board game)
    2) Vase, Humidifier, Shower chair (used in the bathroom)
    3) Shogi (Japanese chess), Full-length mirror, Trouser presser
    4) Reading light, DVD player
    5) Fax machine, Video player, Heater, Crib, Bed board
    6) Negative ion hairdryer, Pillow (with a buckwheat chaff / with a half buckwheat chaff), blanket
    7) LAN cable

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Q8 Do rooms offer Internet service?

  • A.Free Internet access is available from your computer with wireless LAN, tablets or smart phones. Hotel access points (SSID) and pin numbers are available at the front desk and hotel facilities with internet access.

Q9 Who can I contact for items left in my room after checkout?

  • A.Please contact the ANA Crowne Plaza Kobe at +81 78 291 1121 for all items left in the room. We will help find and return anything you may have left behind.

Q10 Do you rent cribs or bed guards?

  • A.There are a limited amount of cribs. Please request one when you make your reservation. The hotel does not supply bed guards.